It’s all about evolution.

Once upon a time, when the Internet didn’t exist, and people needed a service, they would go to a physical site. The local business that had what they wanted or needed. But then, suddenly everything started to change, local sites started to get WEB SITES.

Many businesses refused to evolve, and they disappeared. But those who adapted to the changes kept growing successfully.

Is your business going to survive this time?…

It is time to start the app that will evolve with you and your business.

We understand that changes are not always easy, so we have created this wonderful brand, A Tiny Site by Plitz, just for you. This is what all medium and small businesses have been waiting for, an app that will help your business grow and adapt to the ever evolving dynamics of the digital era.

Getting an app with Plitz will give you that professional touch your digital marketing needs, and not only that, it is affordable and tailored to your vision.

Main Goal of an app: Increase business sales.

We are business people too; we understand an investment is worth the risk if it returns a profit.

A Tiny Site, is an app that was created because we understand how hard you work for your business and profit. Therefore, our apps are customized, crafted, and personalized, to create exactly what your business needs to keep growing.

Increase sales with an app
the idea of an app

Does My Business Meeds An App?

Don’t think your business needs an app yet? Take a moment, look at your phone; how many apps do you have? How many apps do you use daily or weekly? Do you visit particular apps rather than, or in addition to, visiting a physical location? Do you use a banking app?

Happy Customers

When you create tools for your clients that allow ease of navigation and acquisition of your services and products, you get loyalty. Your clients will appreciate the fact that you care about their time.

Business Evolution

Having an app won’t just tell your client you care, it will show them that you are constantly improving to give a better service. Your competitors will tremble when they see you growing.


After keeping your clients happy, and your competitors in check, the best part is that your business will be attractive to new clients, since your reach will be wider.

Tablets Compatibility

Digital Performance

More orders, less paperwork


Keep your clients informed

Get reports of your apps performance

Quick and easy promotions and offers

UI Kit for app
app build process

Let’s Get Started with my app

Even if you are not sure what the best option for your business is, we can start taking tiny steps.